About Fuse

Welcome to Fuse!

What is Fuse?

Fuse is the state's largest progressive organization - people creating change online, on the ground, and on issues that matter.

Fuse is bringing Washington residents together to support progressive causes and leaders.  We help the people who want common-sense solutions to our state's problems work together to achieve their goals.

Fuse helps you make a difference by making your voice heard on the most important issues when the decisions are being made. Real people generating stronger progressive leadership from elected officials -- that is the power of Fuse.

The Fuse Vision & Mission

We envision a world where people power our government and the common good drives our public policy. 

Our mission is to build a bigger and stronger progressive movement, increase leadership and accountability in politics, and improve peoples' lives. Combining the power of the Internet with real world action and stronger communications, we bring people and groups together to drive progress forward in Washington State.


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