2012 Sizzle Awards

The 2012 Sizzle Awards

Job Wizards Award: Rep. Hans Dunshee and Senator Derek Kilmer, for conjuring up some badly needed bills to create green jobs in Washington. Dunshee and Kilmer worked their magic across party lines to put Washington families back to work and fund long-overdue toxic cleanup, school modernization, and infrastructure improvements.

Strong Man Award:
Speaker Frank Chopp, for his Herculean efforts to protect working families and our economic future in 2012. When corporate special interests tried to ram through deep cuts to essential services and undermine protections for workers, Chopp stood strong and quashed their narrow-minded efforts. He even helped muscle through important reforms to close tax loopholes and create green jobs.

Captain Equality Award: Senator Ed Murray and Rep. Jamie Pedersen. These two legislators have been true superheroes for equality. Murray and Pedersen spent years flying around the state sharing personal stories to change the conversation about marriage. They regularly leapt tall buildings in a single bound to organize a masterful long term campaign to pass full marriage equality through the Legislature. When we approve marriage equality on November 6, these legislators and their superpowers of persuasion will deserve much of the credit.

True Patriot Award:
Rep. Luis Moscoso and Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, for their tireless work to make sure everyone has an equality opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Moscoso and Gutierrez have dedicated themselves to advocating for communities that frequently lack lobbyists or big donors. In 2012 alone, they were instrumental in blocking racial profiling bills and supporting the Voting Rights Act, as well as passing funding for preventing homelessness and keeping kids out of gangs. They are “True Patriots” for fighting for those who are too often voiceless in our Democracy.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award:
to Senator Lisa Brown. In twenty years as a legislator and almost a decade as the first Democratic woman to become Majority Leader, Senator Brown has been nothing short of a rock star for progress. Brown has been cranking out hits year after year, steering our band through the recent economic blues and around some very off-key members in her caucus. From her leadership on women’s rights to being a strong champion for kids and the environment, Brown has left a double-platinum legacy in Olympia. Her service and leadership will be sorely missed as she hits the road for her next gig after politics.

The 2012 Fizzle Awards:

Pants on Fire Award: Attorney General Rob McKenna. Rob McKenna spent more than two years suing to overturn all the protections of the Affordable Care Act. We knew it. You knew it. And yes, even Rob knew it. Yet McKenna unleashed countless of press releases, speeches, websites and campaign emails claiming otherwise. Sorry, Rob. No amount of twisting, spinning, and deceiving will get you out of this flaming lie

Jack Ass in the Box Award:
Rep. Mark Hargrove for his bizarre and ignorant stand against marriage equality. As the historic marriage equality bill came up for a vote in the Legislature, Hargrove explained his opposition based on a Jack in the Box commercial. He compared loving same-sex couples to fast food and invoked fears about people marrying bacon. Hargrove’s hurtful comments had as much substance as french fries, which earned him the 2012 Jack Ass in the Box Fizzle Award.

Fat Cat Award:
Senator Don Benton, for putting the interests of Wall Street ahead of his constituents. After years of cutting billions from education, health care, and public safety, progressive legislators pushed through a bill this spring to close an unjust tax loophole for Wall Street Banks. In the end the bill passed with broad bi-partisan support. Benton, however, stood strong in his support for his fat cat friends on Wall Street and opposed ending the this tax break that cost our state tens of millions of dollars a year.