Fuse works on the most important campaigns across the state. Read more below about some of the issues and campaigns we're working on now. 

Fuse Climate Change Campaigns

Climate Change

Fighting climate change has always been one of our top priorities at Fuse. We focus on supporting state policy reforms that reduce carbon emissions, strengthening opposition to fossil fuel exports at the state and local level, and phasing out the use coal power in Washington’s energy mix.

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Racial Justice

Racial justice is a fundamental progressive value and that fighting for it is both a moral and a practical responsibility. Diverse communities hold the key to Washington’s future, and to engage them successfully we must become an organization that is an effective ally and partner.

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Fuse Tax Reform Campaign

Tax Reform

Reforming our state’s upside-down tax code and funding essential services has long been a priority for Fuse. In particular, Fuse is a key partner with the All in For Washington campaign, which aims to change hearts and minds about taxes, the role of government, and our economy.

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Fuse Accountability Campaign


We believe that accountability is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of our politics today. Our research and communications program seeks to hold conservative elected officials, corporations, and organizations accountable to the public.

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Leg Account

Workers Rights

Fuse advocates for policies that improve the lives of working people and the labor unions that fight for workers every day. We played a significant role supporting efforts to raise the minimum wage and pass paid sick leave across the state. In addition, we oppose “Right to Work” and other efforts to undermine workers’ rights.

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Fuse Local Councils Campaigns

Local Councils

Fuse has made a long-term commitment to organizing activists and developing volunteer leaders in key regions across the state. From community meetings and town halls to canvasses, rallies, and lobby days, Fuse brings people together to build power and make their voices heard.

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