Why Support Fuse?

As a grassroots organization, we rely on the support of activists like you to fuel our work. Specifically, that means you power our far-reaching member base and local councils that mobilize people online and on the ground for the most important issues facing our state. Your partnership helps us deliver stories that motivate people to take action and reach thousands of people with those stories across the state through earned media and new media. You provide the resources that enable us to cultivate strong relationships with elected officials to hold them accountable and build progressive leadership in the areas that need it most. Through our donors’ continuous support over the years, we are able to strategically target the obstacles to long-term progress in Washington state.

Will you make a donation to help us build a more progressive Washington?

For questions or concerns regarding monthly donations, please contact us at development@fusewashington.org or by calling 206-420-0133 ext. 2118. Please leave a voicemail if you are not able to reach us by phone and we will get back to you within two business days.

Looking for our sister organization, Fuse Innovation, a 501(c)(3)? Visit fuseinnovation.org

Wonder what your donation looks like in action? Here are some examples of the power and success you bring to our work.

Fuse Progress Partners

What is a Progress Partner?

Progress Partners are our most valued and committed supporters that fuel our work through monthly contributions. They’re the civically engaged community members, compassionate neighbors, and progressive allies that build a better future for us all. As a Progress Partner, your ability to build the progressive movement is multiplied because you join forces with hundreds of other partners year-round. Progress Partners allow us to effectively plan and execute the long term projects that bring greater prosperity to our state by providing a predictable stream of support. You can become a Progress Partner right now by making an ongoing monthly donation of $5 or more. You can grow the scale of your impact and the potential for progress by becoming a Progress Partner at a higher giving level. Your contribution is automatically deducted on or around the same day each month until you tell us to stop. Our work wouldn’t be as impactful and widespread without the sustained support of our Progress Partners, and we hope you join us today.

What is the Impact?

  • Reach people both in Washington and across the country with the Progressive Voters Guide
  • Place on-the-ground organizers, fellows, volunteers in strategically important areas to mobilize and inform voters
  • Support future progressive leaders running for office
  • Motivate people to take action with our stories in earned and new media
  • Build and spread a progressive narrative on the most important issues like climate change, voting justice, police accountability, and tax reform

Exclusive Progress Partner Benefits

  • Fewer fundraising calls and emails
  • Sponsorship recognition and early access to the Progressive Voters Guide
  • Insider look on issue campaigns, elections, ballot initiatives, bills, and new laws
  • A monthly newsletter on our work & your impact by email
  • Discounted tickets and member benefits at Fuse events
  • Annual briefing with our Executive Director, Aaron Ostrom