Fuse’s 2023 General Election Endorsements

Thursday, June 29, 2023
Fuse Washington

For questions about our endorsement process please reach out to our Campaign Director Rosey Barber at Rosey@FuseWashington.org

Fuse has released our list of endorsements for the 2023 election, along with one early endorsement for 2024. Fuse's criteria for endorsements include:

  • Supporting candidates who have outstanding leadership qualities and will fight for working people, a healthy environment, and a better future for our children.
  • Supporting women, people of color, young people, and LGBTQ+ candidates running for office.
  • Supporting strong progressive candidates in competitive races against more conservative opponents.
  • Supporting progressives in races where the balance of power in the elected body is at stake and where Fuse’s efforts could help gain or protect a progressive majority.

Our 2023 endorsed candidates will be included in our Progressive Voters Guide when it is released in early October. You can help us support all of these candidates by making a donation to the Progressive Voters Guide here!



We are coming out of the gates early with our endorsement for the 2024 Governor’s race. We believe that Bob Ferguson is the best possible choice for Governor because of his strong progressive values, and his impressive track record of leadership and effectiveness on a wide range of issues impacting Washington’s future and quality of life.

Bob Ferguson for Governor (2024)

Attorney General Bob Ferguson is running to replace retiring Governor Jay Inslee in the 2024 election. As Attorney General, Ferguson was successful in challenging powerful interests and achieved big victories for Washingtonians, including fighting the Trump administration, holding the companies responsible for the opioid crisis accountable, safeguarding reproductive care, and protecting the environment.


King County

Claudia Balducci for King County Council (District 6)

Claudia Balducci's service as a city, county, and regional leader has been motivated by the desire to make King County a place where everyone can live, learn and thrive. She has been a champion for transit, housing, environmental sustainability, education, health care, and equity, and has consistently delivered results. Balducci says she is "honored by Fuse's support and looking forward to continuing to serve the people of King County." 

Girmay Zahilay for King County Council (District 2)

Girmay Zahilay has served on the King County Council since 2020. In four years, he has had a transformational impact, particularly in creating treatment centers for neighbors in behavioral health crises. Zahilay is running for his second term to continue the work of building more affordable homes, expanding behavioral health options, and investing more in youth opportunities and overall community wellbeing.

Teresa Mosqueda for King County Council (District 8)
Teresa Mosqueda is a former Fuse Board member and staff lobbyist for the Children’s Alliance and State Labor Council. She has been a progressive champion on the Seattle City Council for six years and is now running to serve on the King County Council. She is running to improve public health responses, build green workforce housing, and invest in childcare and living-wage jobs. Mosqueda would be a great addition to the King County Council, as she has a proven track record of delivering progressive results.


Spokane County

Lisa Brown for Spokane Mayor

Former State Democratic Sen. Majority Leader and former Washington State Director of Commerce Lisa Brown is seeking the Spokane Mayor’s office. Brown’s campaign is focused on increasing neighborhood safety, creating a thriving Spokane economy, increasing housing supply and home ownership, and addressing homelessness through proven prevention strategies like apprenticeships, mental health services, and affordable housing. Spokane has had conservative mayors for the last twelve years, and Brown offers the chance to transform city and local government in Spokane.

Betsy Wilkerson for Spokane City Council President

Betsy Wilkerson is a progressive small businesswoman and current city council member who is running for the open City Council President seat. She has been a strong champion on a wide range of issues including housing, homelessness, and racial equity. If elected, Wilkerson would be the first Black woman to be City Council President.

Lindsey Shaw for Spokane City Council (District 1)

Lindsay Shaw is a longtime neighborhood leader who has worked to add bike lanes, crosswalks, and murals in her community, and is running to give Northeast Spokane an advocate in City Hall. As she likes to say, "I'm a neighbor and a mother, not a politician. I'm running for City Council to fight for safe neighborhoods, healthy families, and a thriving community." Among her priorities are investing in affordable childcare, homes, and living-wage jobs.

Paul Dillon for Spokane City Council (District 2)

Paul Dillon is the long-time Vice President of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood. He is a strong progressive champion who has worked with Fuse locally for almost a decade on everything from elections to immigration reform to criminal justice reform. His priorities include building new affordable housing and raising the minimum wage to boost the local economy and support struggling families.

Kitty Klitzke for Spokane City Council (District 3)

Former chair of Spokane's Community Assembly Pedestrian, Transportation, and Traffic Committee Kitty Klitzke is running to bring affordable housing, frequent transit and safe, walkable streets to all of Spokane. On homelessness, she supports a housing-first approach that helps people find shelter and secure homes as well as needed services. This accomplished transportation advocate is excited to take on the city's needs for long-term planning and vision.

Rebecca Long for Cheney City Council (Position 2)

Rebecca Long is running to bring her progressive vision to the Cheney City Council. She believe that housing is a fundamental human right, and that Cheney isn’t able to grow and thrive without proper housing, zoning and infrastructure in place like tiny homes or ADU’s.

Jacquelyn Belock for Cheney City Council (Position 6)

Also running for Cheney City Council is paleontologist Jacquelyn Belock, who will fight for less restrictive zoning to expand the housing options for families, young professionals, college students, and retirees. She is also prioritizing much-needed updates to city infrastructure such as improved recreation facilities, clean drinking water, and promoting a thriving downtown.

School Board

Jaime Stacy for Mead School Board

Jaime Stacy is running to bring her vision of a sustainable "house of education" where parents are valued and educators are supported and equipped to encourage critical thinking in children. Her priorities as a parent and an educator include supporting policies that are inclusive, anti-bullying and harassment, creating a safe and equitable learning environment for all.

Mike Wiser for Spokane School Board

Mike Wiser is running for re-election as School Director for Spokane Public Schools. He has been endorsed by the Spokane Education Association, and is a powerful voice for discipline reform and racial equity work in Spokane schools.