What is a Clean Fuel Standard?

Monday, December 9, 2019
Clean Fuel Standard

While fossil fuel executives have continued to deny the reality of our climate crisis, our communities here in Washington state have pushed forward, including voting yes on the strongest 100% clean energy bill in the nation last year.

We’re on our way to a 100% clean grid, but nearly half of Washington’s climate pollution comes from diesel and gasoline. That’s why one of our top priorities this year is going to be the passage of a much-needed Clean Fuel Standard, which would tackle climate change and help protect the health of our residents by reducing greenhouse gas pollution from transportation.

We know the public understands how important reducing our emissions and transitioning to clean fuels is for the future of Washington state, but the oil industry and their lobbyists are already pushing back. 

We can't let the oil industry stop our progress on fighting for a cleaner, healthier Washington!

This crucial new standard would apply to transportation fuels distributed or sold in King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. It would bring cleaner air to Washington’s families and begin to address the long-standing inequalities pushed onto low-income communities and communities of color, which are among the most impacted by the climate crisis.

California’s Clean Fuel Standard, which was enacted in 2011, had a negligible impact on gas prices and has already helped the state avoid 33 million tons of carbon and 9.9 billion gallons of petroleum. It also helped usher in $2 billion in investments enacted in clean fuel productions over the last decade.

We too can start reducing our emissions and transitioning to clean fuels – and this isn’t just about stopping climate change. It’s about protecting our vulnerable communities and supporting our urban and rural economies. A clean fuel standard is recognized by public health organizations like the American Lung Association and the Washington Academy of Family Physicians as one of the most important ways we can improve both public health and air quality.

Will you help ensure that Washington continues to lead the fight against climate change by sending in your comments to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency today? We have until January 6 (just one month!) to share our support for this crucial reform and drown out the big oil companies and their lobbyists!

Support the Clean Fuel Standard today here and ensure we can keep fighting against the climate crisis and for clean air and water!